Mark Salling Jokes About Naya Rivera Keying His Car

Mark Salling is an a*shole. He was a complete prick to reporters on the two red carpets where I was unlucky enough to be in close proximity to him, and I don’t really think he’s acting when he plays a punk on Glee.

Naya Rivera learned the hard way what a player is all about when she and Mark began hanging out. Mark was dating other girls the whole time and didn’t tell Naya, which is what they call “leading someone on.” Well, she flipped out and f*cked up his car, which is good cause I’d like to think this is what feminism is all about.

Mark Salling picture

Ryan Seacrest asked him what went down yesterday at the pre-Emmys award show. Mark, 28, didn’t deny that it happened, instead he cracked some jokes.

He says he wishes Rivera had thrown “some mushrooms” at his car.

When Seacrest asked him flat-out if it happened, he teased, “They should throw a cheeseburger at my car. I’d appreciate that!”