Max Meisel is Bethenny Frankel’s Assistant

On the season premiere of Bethenny Getting Married she interviewed a few people for a job as her personal assistant. The applicants were eclectic, but Bethenny settled for sweet talking Max Meisel, 24.

Max Meisel photo

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Max Meisel used to play football for Syracuse University and he seems like a total douche, but a nice douche or a “hot” guy like Bethenny described him. I think he seemed unqualified, but he blogged that he hadn’t watched The Real Housewives of New York City and he thinks that may have impressed Bethenny cause she wasn’t seeking a fan.

Here’s more from Bethenny’s new bitch, Max: My interview certainly began interestingly. She thought I was hot and I thought I should have gotten a haircut. She asked if I sleep around and I wondered what my sexual promiscuity (or lack thereof) had to do with my capabilities as an assistant…

I think Jason realized the upside of having me around – he would get a piece of his manhood back, something I’m sure he’d been missing as a result of being around Julie, Bethenny, Cookie, and Skinnygirl Margaritas all the time…

My hair looks like I’m on my way to Seaside Heights to try to bang Snooki. I had only been on the job with Bethenny for a few days, but I felt good about how things were going. But I also knew I was in for one hell of an unpredictable, wild ride as Bethenny Frankel’s new assistant.

Good for Max. Although I see him as a sweet talking sales person meets a-hole (and I don’t like his hair) he’s smart enough to know that he should be passive if he wants to succeed with Bethenny and I think he’ll be a good fit. She’s pushing 40; she wants a young one to keep her trendy.