Megan Fox On All Fours For Harper’s Bazaar

I know I started out the day with a few posts for the Twihards and for the straight ladies and gay menz, but here’s a post for the male heteros. The Foxy pic I’m talking about is actually an outtake, it won’t be featured in the magazine, so you gotta check it out here.

Megan Fox white suit

Megan Fox got down on all fours for Harper’s Bazaar. Does she look hot? Hells yeah! That’s what airbrushing and Photoshop are for. You’ll have to click the xlarge_pnail below to see the booty pic I’m talking about. It’s the best outta the bunch, so I have to tease you a bit just like Kellan Lutz and the other men in the new Calvin Klein underwear commercial by posting her other pics first.

Megan Fox full lipsMegan Fox big foreheadMegan Fox bad PhotoshopMegan Fox half AsianMegan Fox white suitMegan Fox doggy style