Megan Fox “Was Never the Pretty Girl”

There’s nothing like having a beautiful woman complain that she wasn’t pretty. That’s just like when a thin chick asks you if she looks fat. It’s self-serving, but I digress. Megan Fox covers Miami magazine and she said that while growing up: “I was never the pretty girl.” Gasp! 

Megan Fox Miami coverMegan Fox looking gorge

On giving TMI all the time: “I’ll fight to the death for something I believe in, and I’ll be completely honest – even when being completely honest is maybe not the wisest way to be. I’ve learned you can do yourself a disservice by being too honest too quickly.”

On her latest role in ‘Friends with Kids’: “I’d rather be with good people in a movie than the other way around. Most of the cast knew each other very well already – Kristen and Maya are BFFs; it was such a nice, welcoming, supporting environment.”