Melissa Santiago: Pictures of a Homewrecker With ‘The Dream’ in the Caribbean

Melissa Santiago is the woman who allegedly wrecked singer Christina Millian’s marriage. Christina has a five month old daughter with producer The Dream and Melissa was photographed while having a great time with Christina’s husband in the Caribbean.

The Dream’s gut turns me off, but Melissa is all over that sh*t.

Melissa has been working as The Dream’s assistant for about a year now, and it looks like she’s been assisting him in ways that Christina would not approve of. Christina is gorgeous and much hotter than this slut and she will be better off.

Getting cheated on isn’t fun, but being with someone better is rewarding, especially when you’re able to break free before you’ve invested years into someone undeserving. Christina posted the following message on her Twitter: WHATEVER YOU THINK.. BELIEVE IT

Oh, we believe it! Stay strong, Christina.