Michael Lohan: ‘Lindsay Needs Help’

Lindsay Lohan is a freaking mess but I’m not telling you something you didn’t already know. She’s constantly photographed looking trashed and like she hasn’t slept in days. This is someone who is going to end up six feet under sooner than expected if she doesn’t slow her roll and get some help.

While hanging out at Perez Hilton’s birthday bash last weekend, she lit up a cigarette inside when she was told not to, and was acting very strange. It sounds like a normal Lindsay night to me!

Lindsay Is Skankalicious

One partygoer complained to us that Lohan, who spent the night nervously covering her face with her ratty hair, was in desperate need of a shower. And the strange behavior didn’t end there. She arrived at the bash in a sparkly turquoise dress but was quick to change into a tight black lingerie-like frock inside. 

According to Fox 411 Lindsay’s attention whore father Michael Lohan is worried about her well being and held a press conference on Tuesday to garner some wanted attention because he’s been out of the spotlight for a few days address her issues.

“I’ve tried every possible way to reach out to my daughter; no one can turn their backs on it anymore. It’s a lot worse than people can imagine. Lindsay needs help now… Life is tough; I don’t want it to be short for her.”

She’s not working, parties extremely hard, and has to be going broke. Time for Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew!  Seriously though, it’s hard to watch someone going through self destruction. Her supposed ‘friends’ and handlers should be telling her to clean her *ss up and work on getting her into rehab. Of course they won’t do it because they’re living in the fast lane along with her. True friends don’t sit around and watch you slowly kill yourself.