Michaele Salahi And Husband Tareq: Sued Over Unpaid Polo Event Bills

Tareq Salahi and his manorexic wife Michaele Salahi (I still think she’s a he) are known as gatecrashers, but you can add scammers to the list too. According to TMZ, JB Printing & Specialty Services is suing Tareq for $4,576 for merchandise they made for the Tareq’s ‘America’s Polo Cup’ charity event, and were never paid for.

Michaele Salahi And Husband Tareq

The NY Post reports the couple was on HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ in a profile of their charity, and numerous vendors at the charity event told HBO that the Salahis owe them money.

Six of 20 vendors told HBO the Salahis owe them sums ranging up to $25,000. “Do we owe people money? Sure, sure,” Tareq told Goldberg, saying he’s waiting to collect his debts. “It’s a trickle-down effect,” Tareq added.

The Salahis annual polo match is currently under investigation by the state of Virginia for possible fraud. All the publicity they’ve received since crashing the White House and appearing on The Real Housewives of D.C., is also helping to expose them for the scamming little b*tches they really are. Lovin’ it!

Michaele better get her own personal Barbie Doll in production so she can use the money from the doll sales to pay off the polo event vendors and lawsuits.