Mike Sorrentino, Snooki and Pauly D Discuss Hot Tub Sex

During various episodes of MTV’s Jersey Shore, Mike Sorrentino, aka The Situation, was always trying to “creep on some guuurlz.” He wanted to take various women back to the Jersey Shore house and “hook up” with them, if there was no grenade, of course.

The hot tub was one of the best spots in the house to get freaky so The View‘s Joy Behar asked: “There’s a lot of sex on the show. Do you use condoms?”

Mike said, “I’m Italian… and I do use protection as well.” Snooki and Pauly D also said they use condoms.

Behar followed up by asking if safe sex extends to the hot tub and Sherri Shepherd suggested it was unnecessary because “hot water kills all the sperm.”

“It’s really hot water,” the Situation agreed. “It takes care of business.”