Mike Sorrentino’s Situation: Shirtless, Ripped, and ‘Hot?’

I can’t figure out whether or not I’d bang Mike Sorrentino, aka Jersey Shore cast member “The Situation.”

Mike Sorrentino grins

His body is amazing, his smile is cute, but his attitude sucks and I’d wanna smack the crap outta him. Hmmm… I feel like I’d definitely bang him if I had enough alcohol running through my veins, and by ‘enough,’ I mean not a drop of it cause you know I don’t need shiz to get my jizz on.

The Situation looked pretty damn good on the Jersey Shore reunion, but I have a feeling that he sucks in bed. He does seem teachable though, and for that reason, I say… I still don’t know. But I do know that he looks good with his shirt off. Enjoy.

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