Mildred Patricia Baena: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Housekeeper and Baby Mama

Anyone who may have thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger's housekeeper and baby maker would be hot will be shocked outta their friggin' mind! Arnold's housekeeper/assistant for more than 20 years has been revealed. Mildred Patricia Baena is the mother of Arnold's love child, she also has three other children.

Mildred Baena Picture

Sources tell TMZ — in the late 90's Patty began to "pursue Arnold."  She told friends they would have unprotected sex during the day at the house.  Patty never slept overnight at the house and no one ever caught them in the act.

When she became pregnant, she didn't tell Arnold he was the father. Arnold didn't learn he was the daddy until the boy was a toddler.

Patty — who made $1,200 a week — was treated well by Arnold once he found out. Sources say Arnold was always "generous."

Mildred (Patty) now lives in a 4-bedroom house outside of Los Angeles with her four kids. Arnold's love child is 10 or 11 years old now. His identity has not been revealed, but posting his mother's pic and name on TMZ will make it difficult for him to remain anonymous.

This Mildred chick is just as hot as the fat a*s stalker bitch that the hot ESPN analyst was banging. She's also as hot as some of Tiger Woods' mistresses. Cheaters don't care about who they're giving it to as long as they're putting it in other holes. A woman should never feel unattractive when she finds out that her man cheated. It's not personal.

Finding out that your husband was having unprotected sex with some skank(s) has to be a hard pill to swallow. Christmas has come early for Maria Shriver and her kids.

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