Mildred Patricia Baena: Sex With Anyone Willing to Take It

This story just keeps getting better! Mildred Patricia Baena is no better than Arnold Schwarzenegger is. In fact, in many ways, she’s worse.

Patty “sexy self” Baena reportedly gets a*s whenever she wants to. This is why men are always complaining to women about how much easier it is for us to get laid! It is.

Mildred Baena Photo

She was extremely aggressive when it came to chasing men — like a heat-seeking missile.  They say her flirting was often “inappropriate,” but her tactics frequently worked — at least short-term.

Baena almost always made the first move — going after whomever she wanted — and Arnold was no different. 

When news of Arnold’s affair with a household staff member broke, but before the baby mama was named, Baena’s friends and family knew it was her.

If I were a dude and this chick hit on me, I’d call the cops.

Nowhere in this story does it say that the men Patty would hook up with were actually halfway decent looking. Arnold is no exception. He’s unattractive and he can’t speak English either. They probably bonded via thick a*s accent. She’s a whore and anything goes with this b!tch. I think there are many more bombshells in this scandal. Fingers crossed the hooker made a sex tape.

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