Miley Cyrus Is A Bad Influence On Kids

Miley Cyrus claimed the #1 spot in a recent poll and it's in a category we would expect her to be in: Worst Celebrity Influence. She topped the list with 42% of the votes and Britney Spears came in 2nd place with only 19%.

Miley Cyrus Stripper Pole Dance

It's moments like the one above when she performed with a stripper pole during the Teen Choice Awards, that put her on top of the list. Slutty Twitter pics and other photos around the web don't help the cause either. So congratulations Miley! You've finally won the award for what we all knew you were anyway – a horrible role model for kids.

Miley Cyrus plastic surgeryMiley Cyrus hooker sexy chair pic on Twitter

Miley Cyrus underwear photoMiley Cyrus Myspace picture