Miley Cyrus’ Nipples Love the Attention

Miley Cyrus is a master manipulator and she is becoming Britney Spears. Not only has Miley been walking around with a cheap, messy weave that looks like it could detach from her scalp at any moment, she has also ditched her bras.

Miley Cyrus: Breat Implants?

Miley is a slut and she wants the world to know it. She flaunts her long legs as often as she can, and now she’s flaunting her nipples. This is a gimmick. Look at how thin Miley’s shirt is, not to mention that IT IS WHITE! She’s growing up, we got the memo, but we don’t wanna see this much of Miles cause it borders on kiddie porn; plus she’s barely attractive, which means she’s super hot compared to Noah Cyrus, but still.

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