Miley Cyrus Tour Bus Crash: 1 Person Dead

Miley Cyrus‘ tour bus driver was apparently killed when the bus he was driving drifted off the road and flipped in Virginia. Sources say Miley usually rides in that bus but was not aboard at the time of the crash.

Miley Cyrus Tour Bus Crash

Officials are investigating whether the driver died before the crash or after — which could explain why the bus drifted off the road. A rep from Dinwiddie Fire and EMS tells us the bus had been carrying Miley’s concert production crew — the rep also tells us there were 14 passengers on-board.

Miley’s manager said it was one of their tour buses but not Miley’s. It was a bus that transports their lighting crew. Thank God Miley wasn’t on the bus or tweens would be causing riots and throwing themselves over cliffs had she died in that crash.

R.I.P. bus driver dude.