MJ Exclusive: Mercedes Javid Talks Shahs of Reunion Part 2

Fans love MJ of The Shahs of Sunset because she is definitely the life of the party. Like Lena Dunham, MJ is overweight but she’s confident. MJ wears bikinis, dresses sexy and drinks as much as she wants to, whenever she wants to. MJ arguably makes the show fun and her down to earth attitude keeps fans on her side. MJ’s longtime BFF Reza claims that she’s an alcoholic. When I interviewed MJ last Friday, MJ and Reza were still on the outs but just days ago they were photographed laughing together. They’ve made amends and we’re glad. Reality shows shouldn’t drive everyone apart.


Make sure to pop back over to POTP tomorrow for Part 2 of my exclusive with MJ where we talk about if she’ll be sober next season and what she’s currently working on.

POTP: Have you and Lilly Ghalichi made amends?
MJ: No! No amends and I’m not gonna make amends unless she deserve it. So far homegirl got down on her knees for attention and relevance, I don’t need to support that! Everyone that’s watched one or two episodes has seen that. I’m me, I expose my life.

POTP: You often where revealing clothes. Where do you get your confidence from?
MJ: I got my confidence from being involved in sports from childhood. I’ll wear whatever I want. I have an hourglass figure and that’s all it comes down to.

POTP: Did you and Reza make up after the reunion?
MJ: No Reza and I have never been in a worse place. We’re not speaking. I will not speak to him ever again and hopefully he’ll get help for whatever it is that makes him so desperate for fame.

POTP: Is it hard for you to watch these episodes when everyone’s going in? Have you ever not watched some episodes because you knew it would be difficult to sit through?
MJ: Yeah, actually I’m really glad you asked me. Nobody else has ever asked me that before! When I watch the episodes, I actually breeze through them. Mentally I watch them on fast forward. Through my therapy I actually realized I have post traumatic stress disorder. One day maybe I’ll sit back and watch it again, but I’m right there with you. It’s f–king hard!

POTP: How are the fans responding to you after the reunion?
MJ: Everybody is mad love. My fans are very intelligent. They see right through them. They hate Asa for being such a hypocrite, Reza for being a fame whore, and Lily for being such an opportunist. I never set [my co-stars] up to be those things.