Mob Wives Recap: Renee Graziano’s Ex-Husband Junior Gets Arrested, Karen Gravano Reaches Out

This week’s episode of Mob Wives was anti-climatic and the theme was repetitive: Living “the lifestyle” is not easy. We start out with Drita D’avanzo going to the spa with her friend because she had a “really bad fight” with her husband Lee D’avanzo. Drita says that Lee’s “not clear” about when he’s coming home and she’s “completely pissed off.” Considering how verbally abusive Lee is, we’re glad that he’s behind bars. Drita isn’t missing out on anything!

Drita D'avanzo image

While getting a pedicure, Drita talks to her friend Michelle about what she’s been through, as if Michelle does not already know! Drita says “At 24 years old I lost the house, a car, everything. Within 13-14 years, I moved 11 times…I think I’m so used to being alone, I think I wanna be alone.”

Drita wants Lee home, but to feel better she says that she thinks she wants to be alone. The woman isn’t having sex, and she’s putting her banging body to waste. The last thing she wants is to be alone. 

Karen Gravano meets with her writing coach and we do not care! Karen whines about her past and her coach tells her to return to her childhood home for ideas.

Renee Graziano claims that she’s been stressed lately which is why she has to go purse shopping, yet ends up buying a fur coat?! “Mafia and fur go together. It’s like salt and pepper.”’

Renee then goes home, although this scene seems out of sequence, where she talks to her son AJ about his deadbeat dad. During their one-way conversation, Renee lists everything that she believes AJ does when he’s upset at his father. It feels awkward, like she’s trying to recite lines. Where are the cue cards? AJ chimes in with “What is this, a soap opera?” Shhhh! Don’t blow the script, AJ.

renee psycho

We’re back at Drita’s house where her daughter Alleya writes her incarcerated father a letter and starts to cry because she misses her dad. Drita tells her daughter to ask her dad when he’s coming back. Clearly, Drita is that scared of Lee! You can also sense that Drita’s a great mom. It’s a shame that she won’t leave her husband and find a real man.

Back at Renee’s, AJ then says what everyone else is thinking when he tells his mom,”YOU’RE ANNOYING!” after she barks at him to turn the news on. Junior, Renee’s ex-husband, got arrested in the mob roundup. Renee breaks down in the kitchen, screaming hard, squeezing tears out. We’re impressed. No, not by Renee’s bawling. We’re impressed with her appearance. Renee looks better without makeup than she does with it on.

Renee then calls Carla Facciolo and tells her about the arrest but Carla acts like “she doesn’t give a flying f*ck.” Renee then tries to make AJ her makeshift psychologist, again, and truly loses it.

Renee: “Your father never stopped being in love with me because I put up with his f*cking shit! That’s what makes me pathetic!” AJ starts laughing and Renee starts crying, saying: “I’m sick of the abuse, the coming and going in my life. I need therapy 5 days a week, 10 DAYS A WEEK!” 

AJ walks up the stairs. “Mom there’s nothing to talk about. I don’t want to talk. Leave me alone!”


Co-dependent Renee follows her son after he walks up the stairs and she yells out “Please talk to me!” to no avail.

karen and renee

And although Drita said she would lay Renee out, she knew she had to be there for her. Drita called Renee up for support. Then the doorbell rings. Gasp! We’re made to believe that it’s the cops but it’s just Karen showing up unannounced. The women talk things out, hug at the door, and have made up.

Karen returns to her place and calls up her brother so she can talk about what life was like DECADES ago. “I definitely feel like I’m back in 1990 again when my father got arrested,” Karen said. We wish she was stuck in the ‘90s, along with this show, when the mafia was still in its hey day. Mob Wives may be like Glee – only every other episode is good.