Montana Fishburne Faked Her Suicide Attempt

Just when I think Montana Fishburne can’t seem anymore sane and stable, she does something like this to prove that she really is the role model America’s young girls have been waiting for. Suck it, Michelle Obama!

Montana Fishburne Porn Picture

It seems that a few months ago, Laurence Fishburne was so worried about his pornstar daughter (Gee, I wonder why?) that he hired a private investigator to follow her around. Apparently, Montana decided to put on a show for the PI and pretended to drink a gallon of bleach, while he filmed it from a distance. The tape recently surfaced in the assault trial against Montana (Wow, this chick is a gossip blogger’s dream.) because her lawyer was trying to use it as evidence of Monty’s mental instability. The ploy backfired, though, as prosecutors recognized the tape for what it was: Evidence of a spoiled, attention-seeking rich girl trying to trick her loved ones into being even more worried about her than they have every right to be.

Montana, you don’t need to fake a suicide attempt to grab the wrong kind of headline. From the sound of it, you’re already on a one-way trip to Anna Nicole Smith-ville. You’ll get there soon enough.

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