Morgan Christie Is Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend

Jon Gosselin seems to be unable to keep his wang in his pants and has found himself a new girl. He’s reportedly dating 25-year-old Morgan Christie, whom he met during a trip to Utah for Thanksgiving.

Jon Gosselin And New Girlfriend Morgan Christie

“They talk on the phone and text throughout the day, and Morgan flew to New York right after Christmas to be with him. Jon is so into Morgan that he is thinking about moving to Utah to be closer to her.” It’s obvious he gets p*ssy whipped super quick.

Morgan was apparently with Jon when Hailey Glassman went ape sh*t on his apartment last month.

“He flew her to New York right after Christmas to stay with him at his apartment, but after finding it had been ransacked, he immediately drove to Pennsylvania with Morgan, and they crashed at a hotel in Reading.”

Mo almost looks like a mix of two other fugs Jon stuck it to, Hailey Glassman and Kate Major. The chick is only 25, and there’s no way she’s going to want to become the stepmother to eight kids. This is just a fun hump for her, and it’s probably the closest she’ll ever get to sleeping with a celebrity. Don’t get attached Morgan, cause you’ll eventually be a victim of his infidelity, just like the others.