Nadya Suleman Has “Zero Interest” in Sex

Nadya Suleman is extremely shy and she has always said that she doesn’t want to be famous. After she gave birth, she held a few interviews and has been featured on magazines here and there, but she has reportedly rejected more offers than she accepted. Because all of her money has dried out, Suze Orman told her to start pimping herself out, which is what she’s doing.

Nadya Suleman Steppin' Out Cover

It’s difficult to get it in when you have one child running around the house, but when you have 14 kids to look after, sex could be reduced to quickies only. Surprisingly, Nadya doesn’t even have those, because this chick has no sex drive.

On her relationships in the past: I only had one boyfriend my whole life and I never loved him. I only wanted babies.

On what it was like when she was married: I never touched him [my ex-husband] physically. It was a different type of marriage. That’s all I want to say about it. I’m the kind of person who can be with a man for years and never touch him. My mind is not wired that way.

On sex: People need sex, but I don’t .. I have zero sexual interest.

On masturbation: I’ve never even touched myself in that way. Maybe if I had touched myself things would be different. It’s like a trigger food. I never tried it so I don’t know what I’m missing.

On how long it takes her to drop the panties: I couldn’t even imagine kissing something. I’ll be your friend but it would take at least five years for me to even consider having sex with you.

She is SO weird! On the other hand, having no sex drive would save you from doctor’s visits and all the other stuff that I won’t get into right now. I just couldn’t imagine having 14 children without having someone, or 14 someones, bang my brains out to get me there.