Nadya Suleman: Masturbation Video In the Works?

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Nadya Suleman filed for bankruptcy on Monday, because that’ll happen when you try to raise 14 kids without a job. But now it seems Nadya is sick of being a drain on society and has decide to, um…take matters into her own hands.

Nadya Suleman In Bed Photo

TMZ reports that Suleman has hooked up with an online adult entertainment company to film a solo masturbation video for an undisclosed sum. This is not the first time Suleman has been approached with a porn offer, but she’s vowed to never touch a “human’s flesh” for money. She continues to find loopholes that allow her to navigate around that rule, though, such as when she posed for a series of bizarre bondage photos last year.

Oh, Octomom. Everything you do would be funny if you weren’t raising a small country in that filthy house of yours. Instead, it’s just really, really sad. If you’re interested, video of Nadya enjoying her own company should be available some time this summer.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)