Nadya Suleman Puts Her Trashed House Up For Sale

Octomom Nadya Suleman is one broke momma. Raising 14 kids without a job or a steady income is tough to say the least, and Nadya can’t keep up with her $3,500 a month mortgage payment. Nadya says she hasn’t paid for the last three months because she doesn’t want to live there anymore.

Nadya Suleman Boxing

The home is scheduled for foreclosure next week but Nadya hopes to sell it before the bank owns it. Nadya’s rep says the home has been appraised for $500,000 but Nadya still owes $450,000 and I can guarantee she’s not going to get anywhere near the appraisal amount for her home.

With 14 kids in the house, you can expect some crayon on the wall here and there but Nadya’s home is a complete wreck! There’s holes in the walls, doors and wires hanging from a ceiling light fixture that was never fixed.

I’ve posted video of inside Nadya’s home after the jump. Would you pay a pretty penny to own her home?