Nene Leakes Hates Star Jones, Can’t Get Along With Black Women

Nene Leakes is a hater and I can’t wait to watch her ugly cat fight with Star Jones on the new season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ The tension between Nene and Star had become so bad that Star had to hire her own security, and as one source says, Nene has become “completely unhinged.

Nene Leakes And Star Jones

The sources also pointed out that during taping of ‘Celebrity Apprentice, Nene made LaToya Jackson cry (haha!) and got in the face of Dionne Warwick.

“Clearly, she can’t get along with women, especially other black women. She is losing it.”

Now that’s just silly. Nene doesn’t have a problem with just women – she hates everyone! If there’s anyone who’s going to bask in the gleaming drama between the females on set, it’s Donald Trump.

“This is the most dramatic season of ‘The Apprentice’ ever. It might just be the best TV catfight of all time. Donald Trump loved it. He’s no fool. He knows that this sort of drama is TV gold.”

What would we do without Nene? Knowing that she’s going to go bat sh!t crazy on Star during the show has sparked my interest, and I’m actually going to watch. See, she is good for something.

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