New Lady Gaga Lesbian Photos Surface

You might wanna sit down for this one: Lady Gaga likes to shock people, sometimes while not wearing a lot of clothes. Unfortunately, at this rate, she’s gonna have to start taking off layers of skin and getting down with small woodland creatures to keep the public’s interest.

Never one to be outdone by Ke$ha, who leaked pictures of herself getting eaten out by some bearded dude yesterday, Lady G has decided to show the world just what she can do with her poker face by releasing pics in which she appears to be enthusiastically going down on another chick.

You might be filled with questions at a time like this, but don’t worry; I’m here to help. Some FAQs: Why isn’t she going down on a chick in that picture? Well, because this is a family site and pictures of Stefani Germonatta, big Italian nose deep in some bar skank’s vadge is not the kind of thing people should have to explain to their kids. Don’t worry, you can check out pics of Gaga almost going to town on that chick’s muff below. You may wanna wait til after breakfast to show the kids. Who is that chick? That’s the broad that Gaga went down on. Her name’s Lady Starlight and she’s famous for having Lady Gaga go down on her. Why do you say Gaga leaked these pics herself? Because she did. The timing is too perfect. These pictures were taken back in 2008 and a few of them have been around forever, but the day after the world was exposed to the horrors of Ke$ha’s snatch, more pictures come out. The whole thing smells awfully fishy to me (See what I did there?).

Anyway, I hope I answered all your questions. I like to think of myself as this generation’s Important Journalist Guy. Just like that one guy. You know the guy I’m talking about…he always wore a shirt.


Lady Gaga Loves the Ladies