Nicki Minaj Wears Fried Chicken Wing Necklace

Some folks are upset with Nicki Minaj for wearing a fried chicken wing necklace at the I Heart Radio concert last weekend in Las Vegas.

Chicken wing necklaceNicki Minaj I Heart Radio

Nicki also wore an ice cream necklace to the MTV Awards. Eccentric fashion is what she does. If some folks think that Nicki’s reinforcing stereotypes, than there’s no pleasing ’em. The African-American community’s problems are serious, Nicki’s pink costume necklace is not.

Check out a few other celebrities who walked the red carpet. Carrie Underwood has bangs now, and Ashley Greene looked hot.

Nicki likes pinkMs. Ashley GreeneCarrie Underwood bangsFergie at I Heart MusicNicole SDarren Criss picture

Photos: Wenn