Nicole Richie Speaking About The Recent Rehab Rumors, Paris Jail Time, And Lindsays Mishaps.

 Nicole shared some studio time with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM yesterday and cleared up a few things about herself, and her little friends Lindsay and Paris.

Nicole Richie new hair

Does she think Paris is nervous about going to jail?

“Wouldn’t you be?…Of course she is.”

Any chances to she could go to jail herself for her December DUI?

“Everything is possible at this point…I’m nervous, but I understand that I have to deal with whatever consequences come my way, and I take responsibility.”

Speaking on the current stuff going on with Lindsay Lohan:

“I haven’t talked to her…she was at my barbeque, but I didn’t see her…I saw Mischa, but I missed Lindsay…I think she was there for 5 minutes.”

What’s with the Nicole rehab rumors?

“I hadn’t been photographed in a couple of weeks…people were wondering where I was…the truth was, I was on tour with [boyfriend] Joel [Madden]. I don’t have any plans to go back [to rehab]. Hopefully I won’t ever have to go back.”