Oprah Lost Weight: Pictures From Beyonce’s Premiere

Oprah walked the red carpet at Beyonce‘s Life is But a Dream premiere last night and she looks like she’s been sticking to her last new year’s resolution. Unlike many women, not naming names (myself), their weight isn’t dispersed to every part of their body except for their stomach, but when it comes to Lady O, her waist has always been small.

Wenn Oprah 2013 weight loss

We can’t judge Oprah’s weight loss or gain by what her stomach looks like, we have to look at her thighs and arms and both are smaller.

Oprah has struggled with weight loss for more than the past 30 years. She says that fad diets and crash dieting made things worse and now she has a thyroid problem. And she’s rich! She can afford to eat whatever she wants whenever she wants, literally, but then her arms would continue to look like wings instead of Michelle Obama arms. Not anymore! It looks like she’s slimmed down a bit. Spanx can only do so much!