Paris Hilton Crotch Shots Strike Again!

We don’t hear about Paris Hilton as much as we used to since she started riding Doug Reinhardt‘s junk, but she must be starving for some attention. Paris was photographed having some issues with her dress and her vag may have creeped out in the process.

She’s got some static cling problems going on with this dress paired with the panty hose, and the paparazzi weren’t complaining. They’ve been waiting for some new photos of a Paris Hilton disease infested naughty spot for a while!

And am I the only one who thinks her boobs look much bigger than normal? She’s either wearing a kick *ss push up bra or she invested in enlarging the twins. Could somebody whisper in her ear that it’s time to invest in some type of surgery to help her wonk eye? I would appreciate it. 🙂