Paris Hilton To Sue MTV

Parisite Hilton says she’ll sue MTV if they air the skit she filmed in January for the debut episode of ShortCircuitz.

Paris Hilton Will Clean Your Pool

The skit parodies her drunk driving incident. Ironically, Paris filmed the sketch before her February 27th arrest for driving with a suspended license. Since she was handcuffed outside the bedroom, she now thinks the skit is like so totally not funny cuz it totally happened in real life. Not hot.

Parisite is threatening to sue if they air the clip. The show is set to debut tonight.

The skit features Paris promoting her ‘What Would Paris Do’ bracelets in a fake infomercial.

In one clip, a blonde is pulled over by a police officer for drunk-driving and, after consulting her bracelet, starts grinding against the cop.

The blushing officer says: “I can’t arrest you, you’re too fabulous.”

She can’t be arrested because she’s “too fabulous”? She wishes. The skit sounds fun. The whore should run with it. People shouln’t try to appease this bitch. Since Parisite can’t take a joke, more people need to mention her herpes and her wonky eye as frequently as possible. I do what I can, but there’s still plenty of work to be done.