Patrick Schwarzenegger Hospitalized After Skiing Accident

Oh no! The Schwarzenegger with all the best genes has hurt himself. (I could make a Terminator joke, but it wouldn’t be that funny.) The 18-year-old spawn of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver has been hospitalized after a skiing mishap in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Patrick Schwarzenegger photograph

Even though Patrick Schwarzenegger was seen being carried out on a stretcher, oxygen mask over his pretty boy face, he tweeted that he’ll be perfectly fine. Now, any of his adoring fans can breathe easy knowing that their teenage dream is going to be okay.

Patrick says that he had “bruises and stitches” down his back and butt, and also did the overshare thing of posting photos of his bloody battle wounds on Twitter. Obviously, he’s a typical teenage bro who wants to prove he’s, like, toootally tough, man. I only wish that his father were Ben Affleck. Then I could make a Daredevil joke. (But it probably still wouldn’t be that funny.)