Pauly D Gained Weight

WTH happened here? We thought Pauly D was really into GTL so that he would always look fresh to death for girls who are DTF in da club? Pauly D walked the red carpet at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas last weekend and he was looking large and in charge!

Fat Pauly Dpauly d 230412pauly d 230412

If there was anyone I thought might get fat, it would be Ronnie. Snooki slimmed down but Pauly D has been eating all her leftovers.

Pauly’s friend thinks that we have eyesight problems and says “He’s gained 20 pounds of muscle. He is [exercising] nonstop . . .three times a day sometimes.”

That’s hilarious! Pauly needs to exercise three times a day now because he looks gross.

If only Deena Cortese didn’t have a boyfriend of her own, now would be the opportune time to try to smush.

Photos: Wenn