Pauly D: Sex Tape Scandal

DJ Paul "Pauly D" Delvecchio has a sex tape. Pauly D and his Canadian ex-girlfriend met while he was spinning at Wet Bar in Toronto. The two hooked up for several months following his DJ gig before he dumped her so he could film Jersey Shore season 2.

Pauly D sex tape

They filmed a few sex videos while together – Our insiders say the girl in question has no intent on selling the recordings… But we all know eventually they will come out!!

Interesting. This is a tough call. This chick shouldn't sell the footage simply because I don't think she'd make that much money off of it. At least wait until Jersey Shore season 2 mid-season when everyone's talking about The Shore kids again. It's not like Pauly D will be claiming to be embarrassed about this like Kendra Wilkinson did, he should one-up her and sell it himself. I give it a few months before a sex tape from each of the cast members leaks. I wanna see what The Situation's situation in bed is like and I wanna watch some midget porn staring Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.