Photos Of Snooki’s Butt Hanging Out

Holy flappin’ jacks butt cheeks! Nicole Snooki Polizzi isn’t the tiniest thing walking around Jersey Shore but she surely dresses like she is! Snooki constantly wears little outfits that show off her Humpty Dumpty physique, and her butt tends to droop out and make an appearance too.

Snooki Shows Her Butt Picture

You have to still be f*cked up from the night before to walk out of your house wearing something like this, and I feel sorry for the guys who have drunk sex with her and wake up with a horrible hangover and Snooki’s lumpy hamburger *ss in their face. What a nightmare!

If you think these are hot, you’ll definitely want to check out Snooki’s interesting toddler size outfit she wore while heading to a sex toy store with the Shore girls…. After the jump!

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