Pippa Middleton Looks Older Than Kate, is Overrated

Pippa Middleton was Kate Middleton’s bridesmaid, which was the first time many in the States ever laid eyes on the petite 27 year-old. Pippa looked gorgeous at the wedding, because, well, it was a friggin’ wedding, a royal one for f*ck’s sake. Ever since then, she’s been all over sites in the States and TMZ even called her “smoking hot.”

Pippa received a porn offer from Vivid Entertainment because the company loves to receive media attention at all costs, but the company’s offer begs the question: Does Pippa deserve all of the praise and attention?

Pippa Middleton isn't hotPippa MIddleton wrinkles picture

Any Victoria’s Secret model on a bad day could blow Pippa out the water. Translation: Pippa has not earned the “smoking hot” label.

Kate is the more attractive sister by far. Pippa looks aged and frozen, almost botoxy. There’s just something about her look that wouldn’t change, even if she dyed her hair or shaved her head. She’s not very versatile. She’s not chic. She’s just a party girl who happens to be the younger sibling of a woman who sexed her way into the Royal family.

When Kate Middleton stepped out in her wedding dress, everyone claimed to be in love with her dress, myself included. I was in love with it because Kate’s a princess, but I’ve seen much better dresses at several of the weddings that I’ve attended. Pippa is just like Kate’s dress. We’re jaded. We’ve all seen, been friends with, or have hooked up with, dated, or married women that are more “smoking hot” than the youngest Middleton.

Pippa is all muscle and her butt looked amazing as her rock hard booty cheeks stuck out of her clingy Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress. But she was probably wearing Spanx. And although you have to have a butt to begin with, Spanx lifts and plumps up a booty like none other. Her arse and its appreciation society have garnered a lot of attention recently when, in reality, we should just relax. Besides, a woman nicknamed “Pippa” shouldn’t be taken very seriously anyway.


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