Poo Poo Isn’t Fierce

Shit hit the fan! No, shit hit the panty. Fabian Basabe was shooting an interview at the W when Tyra Banks’ crew told him he had to get out. Fabian blogged about why he had to leave. Dookie was involved.

“I was asked to film an interview for a new project but being busy reporting the massacre it is during fashion week for paper magazine – by far my favorite assignment – I had to squeeze the interview in between shows and, in order to have it easy for everyone, i arranged to do it backstage at the tents in the w suite. Just when I start getting comfortable and ready, a group of madmen and madwomen storm in and take possession of the suite because… ready?… Tyra Banks messed herself and needed to change.”

Lady Gaga Cat Suit

Is nothing sacred? I can’t believe Fabian let it out that Tyra let it out. Sucks to be her.