Ramona Singer’s Husband Mario is Cheating? Ramona Says He’s Faithful

On Thursday night's episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, a fortune teller told Ramona Singer that her husband Mario is having an affair.



Specifically, the fortune teller told Ramona that there's another woman involved in their marriage. Ramona suddenly sobered up and refused to believe it as co-stars Kelly Bensimon and Sonja Morgan were left virtually speechless.

On season two of RHONYC, Mario would check out women in front of Ramona and she said that that was fine. Ramona was on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night when she was asked about her hubby. Ramona said, “Well I never take fortune tellers to heart. I know what I have. I never cheated on my husband. He never cheated on me.”

Ramona has always seemed way more into her husband than he into her. Can you blame him? Ramona's an insane control freak alcoholic with "crazy eyes." All Mario has to do is bring home a bottle of pinot grigio after stopping by his girlfriend's house and a drunken Ramona won't even ask why he turns off his phone after work. The day Mario brings home chardonnay is the day Ramona becomes suspicious. He's got it easy.