Reggie Bush Is A Fool: Broke Up With Kim Kardashian Via Text Message

How is it that a big tough football player who puts his body on the line during games for his team, doesn’t have the balls to break up with his girlfriend in person? If this story is true, Reggie Bush is a pathetic individual.

Reggie Bush Bending Kim Kardashian Over

Hollywood Life reported that Reggie was seen flirting with a various women at Robin Thicke’s birthday party at 10AK in NYC on March 17, and they are now claiming Reggie broke up with Kim Kardashian through text messaging earlier that night. He’s a classy individual.

A friend of Kim’s said “Reggie dumped Kim by text while she was in Miami. He actually sent her three text messages that said he needed time and space and ‘it’s not you, it’s me’.” The source also says Kim and Reggie have “spoken a few times since the split, but she is NOT trying to get back together with him – at least not right now.”

Good lord I hope not. It’s time to move on!