Renee Graziano’s Ex-Husband, Junior, Was Arrested During ‘Mob Wives’ Filming

Renee Graziano has an adorable 16 year-old son AJ, and she also has a mobster ex-husband named Junior. While Mob Wives episodes were being filmed, Junior was one of the 127 arrested in late January in the largest mafia round-up in New York history.

Renee Graziano In Blue

Renee is your classic typical mafia wifey. She says: “Loyalty is everything. A rat is someone who doesn’t mind their f**king business and gets involved with the cops.” So what happened? Someone snitched on Renee’s ex, which is what has taken down the mafia over the course of the last decade. Recently snitches have been making their money from the mob and then going to cops and ratting out their friends so that they won’t have to serve any time. 

In an upcoming episode of Mob Wives, Renee has a nervous breakdown and calls Mob Wives co-star Drita D’Avanzo to deliver the horrifying news that her ex has been caught.

“It’s all over the news,” she complains to Ms D’Avanzo.

“Who’s the rat?” Ms D’Avanzo asks. “About a hundred of them are,” Ms Graziano replies.

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