Rihanna: Topless For Her New Album

Rihanna has done it again. She’s bringing her Ronald McDonald fire engine red hair and boobies out on the front line in these new photos for her album ‘Loud’ which was released yesterday.

Rihanna Topless Photo

Had she worn one or two less items of clothing in these photos, they could have been published in Playboy. Even if they’re not in a nudie mag, guys will be leaving sticky spots on these photos and having wet dreams about her. She oozes with sex appeal and has a great ‘come f*ck me’ look on her face, so I don’t blame you guys. If I had the right tools, I’d be leaving sticky spots on her pictures too.

Check out more seriously hot photos of Rihanna including the floral vagina photo after the jump!


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Rihanna Loud Album PictureRihanna Loud Cover