Rihanna Tweets Stripper Party, Hangover Photos

Unlike most people, when Rihanna has a wild night and tweets about it every five minutes, her followers actually care. Part of the reason might be that when Rihanna has a crazy night, it’s way crazier than anything us mere mortals get into.

Rihanna Stripper PhotoRihanna Hungover Photo

RiRi hit the town a couple nights ago, pounding beers and making it rain on strippers, and fortunately for us, her drunk @ss was tweeting every step of the way. Highlights include:

  • Best stress reliever= $tripper$. Kill it Tip it
  • My n*gga I’m faded…And I don’t give a phuck!
  • My daddy would be proud

Good stuff. Then of course, there’s the pics above. The one on the left shows Ri dropping bills on some very hard working young ladies. The one on the right was posted with the caption “Woke up repenting!! Feel like a sinner.” You know it was a rough night when you wake up still wearing your Jordans.