Robert Pattinson Blames Twitter for his Problems

Robert Pattinson isn’t on Twitter and he probably never will. The actor told Premiere magazine that the social networking site is basically ruining his life.

“In L.A. I have at least 40 seconds from the moment I arrive somewhere, before I get asked for my autograph. It’s Twitter’s fault. If this website didn’t exist, I’d be in peace.”

Robert Pattinson looks so dapper

The real-life Edward Cullen also says that he can always tell when he’s been spotted–and knows that it means he’s totally f**ked.

“When I cross a glance at someone, they hurry to get their phone out. I know perfectly well that I’m screwed and that I’m going to spend a big part of my day shaking people off. It’s frustrating.”

Oh, all the damage that can be done with 140 characters! I doubt his pretty face would be perfectly at peace if Twitter dropped dead, but maybe he just doesn’t like interacting with horny Twi-hards? It’s no news that R-Patz basically hates being famous, but it’d be nice and revolutionary if he liked something for a change. I love the dude, but seriously. Gush about puppies or something next time.

Photo: Fame