Robert Pattinson Shaves Head, Wins People’s Choice Award

Robert Pattinson's hotness was on full display last night during the taping of the 2012 People's Choice Awards. Patsy picked up an award for his work in Water for Elephants and he debuted his shaved head. He's reminding me of Justin Timberlake, when he first got rid of his curls and shaved his head. It's amazing how much one's hair can change their entire look!!

Robert Pattinson shaved head

On stage, Robert told the audience: "Woah. Thank you very much…When I was doing this movie, I was having so much fun doing it that I was saying to everyone I didn't even care if anyone saw it." How adorable!

He continued: "But now that people have seen it and they're giving awards for it, I'm even more thankful for the whole experience, so thank you guys very much."

Pattinson accepted the award from Zachary Levi and Twilight co-star Ashley Greene. Water for Elephants beat out The Adjustment Bureau, The Help, Limitless and Moneyball.