Russell Brand May Receive Half of Katy Perry’s Fortune

Regardless of how things may have ended, it seems marrying Katy Perry was the smartest thing Russell Brand ever did. Not only did the washed-up comic get unrestricted access to some of the world’s most famous breasts, he also extended his 15 minutes of stateside fame, and now that the divorce proceedings are under way, it seems that Russell may enjoy a boon even bigger than Katy’s ample D-cups.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand look good together

Because they were like totally, in love, and apparently functionally retarded, Katy and Russell never signed a prenuptial agreement. That would be fine if they had assets and careers of similar value, but the problem is Katy just became the first artist since Michael Jackson to have five number one singles off one album, while Russell starred in that movie about the animated Easter bunny.

So yeah, Katy is worth a lot more, and if her soon-to-be ex decides to file for spousal support, he may be entitled to half of her $40 million fortune. Sounds like Katy should’ve stuck to kissing girls. Zing!

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