Russell Brand To Katy Perry: “I Don’t Want Your Money!”

We’re not accustomed to seeing mature behavior in Hollywood, or in divorces, and especially not in Hollywood divorces, but it looks like Russell Brand has decided to buck the trend. According to reports, Russell has elected to waive his community property rights, thus passing up the opportunity to score as much as half of ex-wife Katy Perry‘s estimated $44 million fortune.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand VMAs Image

A source tells TMZ, “This divorce is as amicable as it gets, and Russell was a mensch (Yiddish for a good person). He doesn’t want Katy’s money.” Smart move. The money wouldn’t be worth the long-term damage to Russell’s career. It’s hard to land movie roles when the American public thinks of you as that pervy Brit who took Katy Perry for everything she’s worth.

Still, this move might contribute to the perception that Russell’s sex addiction caused the split and he feels guilty about it. He’s still doing the right thing, though. Spousal support and community property laws were designed so that housewives who never worked before wouldn’t be left homeless by a divorce, not so that you could win the lottery by leaving the right person without a prenup.