Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Reunite in New York

What kind of divorce is this? Where are the screaming matches and childish name-calling? If celebrities are gonna start acting like level headed grown ups, I’m just gonna hold my breath and punch myself in the head until someone makes them stop.

Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson met for dinner in New York over the weekend and, according to witnesses, neither of them even had the decency to throw a drink in the other one’s face. It you’re gonna get divorced, do it right! “They just wanted to connect and have a friendly chat,” one eye witness reported. “They just wanted to sit down together. The tone was light and fun despite the untruths that the media is working up. They aren’t reconciling. This was just two people who were married being civil and friendly.”

It’s not enough that they’re more attractive than the rest of us, now they have to handle their breakups better, too? Where do these two get the nerve?