Scott Disick: Penis is ‘Like an Elephant’s Trunk’

Sorry boys. I know you don’t wanna read about Scott Disick’s penis, so go ahead and skip over this post. Translation: I know you’re going to totally read this post and I apologize. We previously reported that when Kris Jenner walked in on Scott on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she told Kim that he has a big dick.


The K-Sisters were doing a radio interview to promote their crappy new lingerie line for Sears, when the female DJ asked them about what their men are packing.

Kim was asked if Kris Humphries is well endowed and Kimmy answered “I don’t really like questions like that.” Good for her! Khloe Kardashian claimed that Scott had a bulge today and Kim said “it’s way too much” and he needs to wear underwear. Kourtney proudly chimed in that Scott’s penis is “like an elephant’s trunk!”

This is why some men suffer from such a complex. Women who are with men who are packing heat love to brag about it. I mean, damn. If I were Kourtney, I’d pull a Kim Kardashian. The last thing you should do is inform the public that your man is packin’. You’re practically begging the ladies to get him in a corner and rip off his belt.

Photo: Wenn