Serena Williams Blogs About Her Body, Says She’s Bodylicious

What Serena said about her body on her myspace blog

I don’t look like Mary Kate Olsen or Nicole Richie. I’m all black and I’m all woman baby. I have hips, curves, butt, and boobs…. I will never be a size two. I will always be bigger.


And there are tons of other women and people out there that share my same body type. I’m a body-liscious babe. My waist is 29 inches; I can’t have a smaller waist unless I decide to starve myself, and if my fans out there want me to win more slams I’m not going to be able to do that…

Serena Williams talks to herself

How bout thickalicious? Buffalicious? Or Manlyicious? Bitch brags bout working out in the gym for hours and I’m sure she could bench press my car.

Surprisingly, I never confused her with Mary Kate or Nicole Richie. Was I missing something? And I didn’t think homegirl could slim down to a size 2 either. We can all have a sigh of relief now that Serena’s set the record straight. Thank God for myspace blogs!