Skinny Kate Middleton Losing Weight Over Stress, Kidnapping Threats

Kate Middleton has allegedly dropped another 5 pounds after her North America tour and the stressing over things like kidnapping threats, and being critiqued by the Queen, are taking their toll on her frail body. Sources say she dropped two dress sizes before the wedding and she’s showing “no signs of slowing down now, and the weight is just falling off of her.”

Kate Middleton and The Queen

She’s working out every morning and giving up some of her guilty pleasures like pizza and French bread. There’s nothing wrong with working out and eating healthy, even Kate’s friends know the girl needs to eat! An insider tells Life & Style when friends see Kate, they try to get her to eat, but she changes the conversation and “makes an excuse like she’s eaten already or that she’s not hungry.”

Even Pippa Middleton is beginning to work and has been calling Kate up to five times a day to check on her and her eating habits. Hubby Prince William has encouraged Kate to take a break from working out and dieting and spending some leisure time on the weekends with Pippa.

William is concerned and doesn’t want Kate to get sick. She needs to pack on a few pounds and gain some curves. It seems like every time she makes a public appearance, she looks thinner than she did before. I’m sure she feels pressure to be a perfect Duchess, but that doesn’t mean she needs to starve herself over it.

Photos: Fame, Pacific Coast News

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