Snooki Baby Bump Photos

Nicole Polizzi is a 24 year-old ditzy alcoholic who stands at 4 feet 9 inches tall and has a gay midget boyfriend named Jionni LaValle. Unfortunately she's also three months pregnant! Snooki just lost a sh!tload of weight a few months ago only to put it all back on and then some with this pregnancy. Here are some baby bump photos that were shot yesterday while Nicole filmed her new spin-off.

Snooki baby bump picture

Snooki is actually the best walking, talking birth control PSA since Jamie Lynn Spears. Snooki is always talking about how much she smushes Jionni (to the point where she gets urinary tract infections), and her ex-boyfriend said that she doesn't like condoms. Lots of sex and no birth control? This was bound to happen.

While Snooki has the financial means to take care of a baby, she doesn't seem emotionally ready or mature enough to handle the responsibilities that she'll be forced to deal with within months. Then there's her baby daddy, Jionni, a guy she clashes with but tolerates because she finds him attractive. They are so doomed and her kid is f*cked! Anyway, you can see Nicole's bump peaking out of the big clothes she suddenly began wearing. I can't wait until she's huge. How often do we get to see pregnant midgets on the blogs?!

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