Snooki Is Making Good Money While Partying

Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is making good dough while she makes her rounds to the clubs. It has been reported she made $10,000 for her appearance at a club called “Opium” in the Seminole Hard Rock in Florida. Why was little Snookums there? For a fist pumping competition, of course!


And this is what you get when you get a visit from Snooki. Some trashed, big-boobed ho with craptacular hair. The Hard Rock couldn’t get a hotter celebrity for that amount of money. I know Snooki’s in high demand right now, but is she really worth that much for an appearance? She’s not the only one from the show making cash!

We’re told The Situation and Pauly D make at least $7,500 an appearance … and the ab-tastic wonder is booked every weekend for the next two months!

Wow. Here’s a few more photos of Snooki being Snooktastic at the Hard Rock in Florida.

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