SPCA Attacks Chris Brown “Puppy Mill”

Chris Brown has a long list of ways to piss everybody off, and at this rate, he should have everything checked off by the time he hits 30. Having moved on from domestic abuse and just generally acting like a douche, Breezy has now decided to piss off animal rights activists by selling purebred pit bulls online for $1000 a pop.

Chris Brown and Pit Bull

It’s Chris Brown and Pit Bull! Get it?

If you follow these types of issues closely, you know that the buying and selling of expensive purebreds is generally looked down upon, as experts feel it discourages animal adoption and some of the practices used by mass breeders are less than kosher. The SPCA has spoken out against Chris’ new business venture, attacking him as a “backyard breeder” and adding, “There is no reason to breed and produce more pit bull puppies when there are pit puppies waiting for homes in every shelter in America.”

Chris has yet to respond to allegations that he’s drifting dangerously close to Michael Vick territory, but when he does respond…oh, you can bet he’ll be angry.

(Photo: WENN)